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Classical | Orchestral Works

Music For Series links on Soundcloud: 

Music for Violin & Cello.jpeg
Music for Woodwind Quintet.jpeg
Music for Violin.jpeg
Music for String Orchestra & Chorus.jpeg
Music for String Quartet.jpeg
Music for Piano.jpeg
Music for Piano, Violin & Cello.jpeg
Music for Piano Quintet.jpeg
Music for Brass Quintet.jpeg
Music for Orchestra & Chorus.jpeg
Music for Chorus, Viol;in, Keyboards & Drums.jpeg
Music for Banjo, Violin, Piano & Bass.jpeg
Music for Cello.jpeg
Music for Chamber Orchestra.jpeg

Music For Orchestra links: 


In 4 movements for Orchestra

dp- Concertos-Cover-FINAL-y21m06d21.png

Two Concertos:

1. Piano Concerto  in 3 movements

2. Violin Concerto in 3 movements

In 6 movements for Orchestra


Early Orchestral works 


in 7 movements for Orchestra

12 landscapes artwork keynote.001.jpeg

For Orchestra in 12 movements


Orchestral representations of the music of Santiago Dobles from the Progressive Metal Rock Band AGHORA

Published November 2020

Other links: 


In 3 movements:

1. Organ, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Orchestra

2. Clarinet, Violin

3. Violin, Accordion, Classical Guitars, String Quartet

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Richmond, VA | Gustavo Dobles |

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